Boss Lady x Reebok Classics: The Time Has Arrived! - Simone Amelia Jordan

How should I begin this…

Over a year ago, one of my journalistic inspirations—the great Sacha Jenkins—said he’d recommended me to his friends at Reebok as a female “in the know.” The Classics marketing team (lead by the incredible Saadia Bryant) was looking to shake things up with their female demographic, and they made the trip from the brand’s headquarters in Canton, MA to New York City to meet me. After a three-hour long brainstorm session where we touched on numerous topics, I next heard from the crew a few months later via an email from the equally incredible Michelle Palmer, who works on the product development side of the brand.

I was informed Reebok Classics would be launching a “Classic Beat” campaign with the Betwixt sneaker, featuring five women from around the world chosen for their tenacity, spirit and all ’round “make s*it happen” attitude. The team showed they had truly listened to my suggestion that the “coolest” and most important thing for us living out our dreams was to give back to the communities we came from, so they dedicated the campaign to the betterment of young women everywhere. On our behalf, Reebok has now donated $10,000 to our non-profit of choice. Mine was, of course, my family over at Youth At Risk who work tirelessly every day to make sure at-risk young people in New York City live their best life. I was (and still am) absolutely blown away by the generosity and understanding Reebok has shown and their consistent efforts to put their money where their mouth is.

After months and months of back and forth emails, a trip to Reebok HQ to actually sit with the design team and create my sneaker (with my Princess Jasmine from Aladdin inspiration truly coming to life), patiently waiting for the campaign to get an official release date and more, the day has finally arrived. My Boss Lady x Reebok Classics Betwixt Mid is now available for purchase and I cannot thank the team enough for believing in me as a role model, a voice for the brand and simply, an ethnic girl from a single mother who just continues to dream big.


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  1. Hi boss lady I'm a huge fan and I really want to know where to buy these shoes ,can't find them anywhere 🙁

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