Boss Lady Presents: Woman On Top is the first volume in a series celebrating female artists in hip-hop. This year was pivotal for femcees emerging into the mainstream with brash confidence, a clearly diverse sound and a shared view on how to move their careers forward in unison without playing into the media’s incessant attempts to drive them apart.

I have an incredible amount of love for every artist (and their teams) featured on this historic set for supporting my Woman On Top vision immediately and understanding that pushing each other forward takes nothing away from their individual successes. Special shout out to DJ Adore, who worked tirelessly on perfecting the mix and is a true star in the making. Thank you to my team Amber Ravenel (Women On The Move) and DJ “Big Kush” Jay (Team Invasion) for making my projects a reality. Not a bad way to close out 2012 and usher in 2013!

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