American Dreamin': The Hunger For More - Simone Amelia Jordan

One would think that after six years of living in New York City and not only surviving the crazy entertainment industry but also making notable moves within it, I’d have a clear idea where my career was headed right now. Try again.

I’ll never forget the day I moved to the United States: January 12, 2007. The 14-hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles was a breeze, having previously gone back and forth more times than I cared to remember on missions of work, fun and love (“and in that order,” word to Momma Dee). The second leg of the journey to New York is always killer and when my flight arrived to a freezing dawn at JFK airport, I was physically and mentally exhausted. Running on excitement and adrenalin, I had to report to my new office that same morning.

Said office, located on the famous Broadway stretch but in super cool, downtown-ish Union Square, is none other than the headquarters of leading online retailer of street fashion, It’s now become my home away from home, a beautiful space with views of the city. My city, I claim today. It’s here where I’ve conducted interviews with some of the biggest names in music, put together photo shoots for the hottest brands and most importantly, learned more about the business of the internet than I could have ever imagined. Tasked with creating lifestyle content for the first time not only on but its sister site DJPremium, with an additional project of re-launching the company’s trailblazing social network, I was thrown in the deep end from day one and kept busy around the clock. Till now.

Sometime last year, I started having my first meltdown. I’ve always been clear with my career aspirations; I had my heart set on becoming a journalist since I read a book called The Reporter in the fourth grade and immediately started a family newsletter. I’ve charged toward my goal like a bull towards a waving red flag, from interning for free to commanding a high salary. Something strangely negative clicked in me mid 2012, however, causing me to falter from my usual advancement. I stopped caring about my work for the first time and started to feel it was taking me nowhere. That career plateau is a mother of a feeling. Sheesh. Not only had I convinced myself my place within the industry (an industry I’d put my heart and soul into since a teenager) was diminishing, the quality of the industry was deteriorating before my eyes. Things had changed so much I honestly lost my bearing.

I started to reflect on days gone by when a record label’s publicity team would travel to my office to pitch their artists, instead of me having to chase them down for content. The good ol’ days when you were one of a select few to interview an artist and not lined up like cattle on “press day,” lumped in with a growing number of neophytes who’d decided to become reporters on a whim and through their incessant groveling on Twitter, stunningly did. “Twitter is where groupies have become journalists and journalists have become groupies,” I expressed at the time. The recent trend of massive conference calls with artists (read: countless bloggers, DJs, etc on one phone line) to promote new releases, a true insult for someone who actually takes interviewing seriously, ground my gears. Perhaps the biggest blow to someone whose moniker is “Boss Lady,” I started being passed up for once-in-a-lifetime, lucrative media positions in favor of women with flimsy reality television resumes and absolutely no experience in the field. This and more began to consume me, to the point where I actually considered stepping away from everything.

I kept my developing doubts and feelings to myself for months until one day toward the end of the year, a friend stepped in and made me face them. Living away from home for so long had taken its toll, and I needed someone from back home, someone who knew me when I was first getting my start, to get me back on track. That person is my brother from another, Andy Murnane from Dawn Raid Entertainment/Frequency Media Group in New Zealand. His model of success is the only one I’ve ever truly admired: from the streets to the boardroom. I’ve known Andy since I started my magazine, Urban Hitz, in 2003 and couldn’t be more proud of him. Andy and I discussed everything for hours (sorry to cry on your shoulder, bro; I’ll never be able to thank you enough) and the outcome was this: get focused, get disciplined and get back to loving the culture that made me who I am today. Embrace the hard work I’ve put in, put my ego to the side and stay low and keep firing. I decided to travel back to Australia to fully get my priorities in order again, not to mention remember the hunger that brought me to New York in the first place. It’s where I am right now, typing this extended first entry in my new weekly “American Dreamin’” column.

I’m now switching over to a new work visa, from an E3 category to an O-1B. It will allow me to have as my backbone (my loyalty to the brand is untouchable and I’m so proud to keep serving them as best I can) but also freedom to pursue the other incredible opportunities I have before me in radio, hosting, events and more. This particular process is time-consuming and it seems the paperwork is endless, but I’m in the best place (mentally) to handle it right now. I’m being patient, using my time in Sydney to rekindle old business, create new opportunities and most importantly, spend quality time with my family (especially my 90-year-old grandmother). Ideally I’ll be back in New York in another month or so, ready to give it everything I’ve got. Do I have a clear idea where my career is headed right now? The answer is not really, no. But really for the first time in my life (I am a Virgo), I’m truly okay with that.

“American Dreamin’” is about chasing my dreams in America. I’m just one of the scores of young(ish) men and women from around the world doing the same thing. Sharing this new leg of my journey will not only be therapeutic for me, but hopefully for others on the same path also (whom I’d love to correspond with in the comment section below and via my social networks, if I can be of help in any way). Rock with me.

*Dedicated to Vinnie “Vin Rock” Brown for leading by example. Always.

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  1. Awesome story and Journey! Keep sharing , being humbly honest and continue to inspire others. Believe it or not, the world is watching. Stay focused, you are truly blessed and the world is literally yours! Muah! My Love and support is with you always!

  2. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing this develop. Maybe you'll kindle up some great stories from your work, hilarious like Kathy Iandoli's amazeball stories about pee and other crazy rapper bodily functions, or maybe journal-like therapy to make everyone cry… either way, sharing your story will definitely inspire some folks!

  3. You know more than anyone how tough it's been for me to open up. I just might start getting used to it now! Thank you so much Dove <3

  4. I love you and am so proud of the courage it took for you to write this. Simone, nobody’s life is perfect but you’re a true example of a phenomenal woman who has embraced everything she has been given and made the most of everything you could at the time. Sky’s the limit sis <3

  5. Wow! I know even before you left to NYC, you were constantly on your grind in Syd. I know you’ve put your heart ad soul into your work and I believe you’re in a better position to re-evaluate, re-focus and re-discover and unleash your creative work. I know you’ll succeed at anything you put your mind too in the new year. Trust God has so much more for you to achieve in this life (Jer 29:11). I’ve always been inspired by your determination to succeed and I look forward to hearing about your future work. Ofa atu and God bless! Xx

  6. Your story has so many other young women hungry and ready to get it. One aspiring boss lady here. Thank you.

  7. Well written and u could’ve wrote it any better. I remember when u came. u were driven and well kept. mind over matter and u told me u were here to work live out your dream ans expand. I said that’s what’s up. etc….. love u always then and now. I’m so proud of u.

  8. Thank YOU for being a part of my story, Ghislaine! You are always appreciated!

  9. Tonia! Thank you so much for your beautiful words! You remember me from when I was just beginning the hustle, now you see it’s still going 🙂

  10. Ofa atu Mele! Praying that my journey can continue to inspire young, incredible women like you <3

  11. You are the best sister in the world Julie and I can’t thank you ENOUGH for being there for your big sis when she needs it <3

  12. Yes you r truely amazing and I can say I have been here since 1998 an all the things I wanted to do and thought of doing I gave up. u knew what u wanted and how to get it . u inspired me.u are so beautiful inside and out. u are so real the truth of a real diva that’s a boss u have been the same person from the first time we met and still the same. your hustle is what will drive others to achieve their dreams. its all about expressing urself and u nailed it. continue to do what god blessed u with. your love for the hustle u dream that got u where u at…..all the way to the top of success. u have to work hard for what u wa u didnt come here to play. U and our friend /sis use to say…yasou

  13. You are amazing Simone and I'm so proud of you! What an inspiring article. Looking forward to the next one.

  14. I’m just as proud of you Lana! Thanks lil’ sis 🙂

  15. Keep that drive and continue to inspire! Can't wait to see you back here in the NYC. xo

  16. Follow your dreams and never give up!! That’s exactly what you have done Simone, you are an inspiration and role model to all young women. To that smiling young girl who I met many years ago to the beautiful and talented young lady you are are amazing Boss Lady!! xxx

  17. I appreciate you so much Laura! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my lil’ journey 🙂

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