It’s Australia’s most populous city so of course the talent for “Sydney Vs Everybody” just keeps coming.

Pushing the movement forward to instill pride in local rap fans, the second line-up of artists has arrived. Keeping in theme with the collective vision to represent our multicultural metropolis, this new group of MCs is beautifully diverse in background, religion, gender and sound.

Scratching parts in from the original track to Big Noize‘s impacting production (I see you, DJ MK-1 — so happy you’re a part of this, especially after your Facebook post on the project) the fiery remix features Billy Green, Gravy Baby (my personal favorite due to his subject matter hitting home, painting pictures of my teenage years) L-Fresh The Lion, Gunsta, Double-L, Sarah Connor and Nter.

Visit SydneyVsEverybody.com.au for a full rundown on the project.

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