I’ve tried various themes for this website over the years. It began as a placeholder for my on-camera interviews then morphed into a female-oriented, news-based site with contributors. In 2015, things are getting a little more personal.

A journalist from the days when impartiality was key, I’ve always found it difficult voicing my opinion in public. In 2015 I’m pushing myself to switch things up and bring the noise. I’m not a “quick-to-form-an-opinion” person but when I do feel passionate about something (especially on matters of race, female empowerment and my beloved hip-hop), watch out. So all content posted here moving forward will be my own.

Hand in hand with my hesitation to socially weigh in on hot topics is my fear of writing. In her HBO special Public Speaking, author Fran Lebowitz half-jokingly bemoaned the high self-esteem my generation possesses that makes even the most basic amongst us think we can construct a literary masterpiece. Her candid observation outlines my real hesitation to write. I’ve had it for years now—since I wrapped up Urban Hitz magazine back in 2006. It’s crippling. I have a love for words beyond measure, yet that same love holds me back from exploring them. I pit myself against those I feel are the best and while I know I have it in me to get there, I’m stricken with doubt and negativity about my skills. Blame the Virgo in me. I’m the classic perfectionist and HATE the idea of failing. At anything.

I’m throwing caution to the wind today. I’m aiming to write as much as possible this year and open myself up to becoming a trusted voice on important matters. My years in the game have afforded me a nice level of respect amongst my peers and I hope to build on that. Would love to see my comment section grow, too. So here goes nothing!

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