Iggy Azalea On Invasion Radio (Hip Hop Nation) [Parts 1,2,3] - Simone Amelia Jordan

Iggy Azalea joined myself and DJ Kno It All (filling in for DJ Green Lantern, who called in during the show) down in Atlanta for this week’s Invasion Radio on Hip Hop Nation.

In Part One, Iggy talks about her current tour with Rita Ora, the size of her “booty,” how her most recent release TRAPGOLD was a return to “happy Iggy” and more:

In Part Two, Iggy and Green Lantern participate in a heated debate over chicken, Iggy describes her first time eating macaroni and cheese plus her love for Nas‘s Life Is Good album:

In Part Three, Iggy and Boss Lady talk about what Iggy’s learned in her first year of fame, her mother’s advice on business, if her race is still a popular a topic and more:

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