Flight? Check. Passport? Check. O1-B visa? Check.

After over three soul-searching months in Sydney, Boss Lady’s headed back to New York City! (Allow me to speak in third person just this once). As anyone who lives far away from their birthplace and travels back and forth regularly will tell you, goodbyes define “bittersweet.” On one hand I’m heartbroken to leave my grandmother again, and I know my mum and sister will miss me as ridiculously as I will miss them. On the flipside, I’m as hype as the Genie when Aladdin grants him his wish for “freedom”; bursting with excitement and ready for the world.

I’m headed back to the Big Apple a different woman. More mature, more centered. Focused, humbled. I’m blessed beyond belief to be afforded the opportunity to come home and gain my spirit back. Whether it’s my outlook on my career, the energy I put into friendships or even the different kinds of men I’m opening myself up to, I’ve simply grown. And now more than ever I know you don’t grow by yourself. You grow through experience and through the wisdom, guidance and support of those you choose to have around you. I’m grateful to everyone who’s ever had my back in any way, be it reading these columns, interacting with me on social media, checking in via calling or texting, or making that extra effort to come see me. I pray that I’ve been as crucial to my people’s growth as they have to mine and while I’ve always been a cheerleader for servitude, I’m its number one fan nowadays. My platform will be used more and more to encourage young people to give back, because I’ve learned nothing can uplift you more than helping someone else. Even at your lowest point. Actually, especially at your lowest point.

This is my seventh year living in Harlem, birthplace of the “hustler.” Seven is a spiritually-recognized special number and I feel a new energy as I head back to the place I’ve chosen to call my second home. Opportunity awaits in so many ways and I’ve never been more ready to get in the mix and work my tail off like never before. The beginning of 2013 has been a quiet one for me publicity-wise, but I’ve stayed low and kept firing. I just released the first edition of the Go Down Under mixtape, which allowed the majority of featured local rappers their first chance to be showcased on major US music sites like I’ve finished my posterbook magazine for Australia and New Zealand (in the tradition of my first publication, Urban Hitz) which will go on-sale in May. I have incredible apparel projects in the pipeline and many other ventures ready to roll throughout the year. I’m good to go—and I haven’t even touched back on American soil yet! Let the games begin.

The journey continues.

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