Who better to follow Iggy Azalea for the “American Dreamin” series than another international hot blonde? Debby Coda is a British transplant who’s worked her way up the entertainment industry ladder in the United States through sheer determination and relentless passion. From her teenage years, Debby made her mark in London’s bustling club scene and one of her earliest claims to fame is starting the first ever “urban” night on European party island, Ibiza. You can currently find Debby living it up in Miami as CIROC’s Brand Ambassador, utilizing her marketing and promotional experience to take the vodka to new heights in the city’s tough and competitive nightclub and event scene. Still working closely with artists she formed strong relationships with during her tenure at Violator Management (including Soulja Boy and Busta Rhymes), Debby proves that an international hustle is tough to beat.


You’re originally from England and now reside in Miami. What kind of visa were you traveling on in those early days, as you started making your mark in the United States?

“I became Violator Management’s United Kingdom rep three years prior to my move to the States, and they offered me a full time position in New York City. They sponsored my first O1 visa.”

What work visa are you currently on?

“I’m still on an O1 visa.”

How stressful did the visa process get at times?

“I hired an amazing visa agent, Ron Zeelans, who made the process much less stressful for me.”

What kind of advice can you share with others inspired by your immigration journey?

“Research and figure out your plan before you get here!”

What’s your definition of the American dream?

“To win!”

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