Artist manager, executive producer, wife and mother are titles Mona Scott-Young seems to wear with ease.

She sits down with me to speak on the success of her first television show (VH1 reality juggernaut Love & Hip-Hop), juggling various careers in the entertainment industry while being a wife and mother of two, lessons for aspiring career women and more.

“Woman On Top” is a new video interview series hosted by media personality Simone Amelia (a.k.a. Boss Lady). Covering a range of topics—career, love, advice for young ladies and more—the concept shines a spotlight on what it takes to make it as a woman in the competitive, high-pressure entertainment industry. With guests including music and television veteran Mona Scott-Young (VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop), the series provides an intimate look at the lives of some of showbiz’s most successful women.

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