Boss Lady x Indique Hair: The "Princess Jasmine" Look - Simone Amelia Jordan

“Lebanese girls always have the most beautiful hair” is a line I’ve heard many times. Whether super curly or bone straight, my Middle Eastern sisters are blessed with healthy, thick hair. That trait skipped me however and while I’d never complain about it (well, not that much) I didn’t argue when Indique (known for their high quality hair extensions) asked me if I want to partner with them to get the look I’ve always wanted.

Our first appointment was for the festivities surrounding my official Reebok Classics sneaker launch—a shoe inspired by Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, so of course I needed her long, luscious locks! Check me out getting “Indiqued” with PURE Straight in 24” by hair stylist extraordinaire Ashley Stewart.

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