Hey y’all,

Yesterday (or today, in the U.S.) was/is my birthday! It’s a celebration! Great way to kick off this newsletter.

Here’s a list of things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. First, I wrote about why the new lineup for The Wiggles is powerfully significant for children of colour.
  2. My friends at Illusive Touring are looking towards the (Odd) future and bringing Tyler, The Creator, out on tour to Australia next year. So let’s stay positive that 2022 will be everything we need it to be!
  3. Rather crazy to think this Tiffany & Co. promotion is the first advertising campaign the Carters have ever starred in together.
  4. I’ve gotten so used to binge-watching my TV shows that when a new series starts and has the absolute nerve to drop episodes weekly, I’m mad as hell! That said, Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon/Hulu has me hooked.
  5. My friends at Media Diversity Australia are recruiting 400 supporters and would love you to pledge just $10 a month to help make this happen. You can support Indigenous journalists and culturally diverse journalists, including people with disabilities. Your assistance helps MDA run programs to support CALD journalists, conduct agenda-setting research, run networking events and provide practical solutions for the media industry. Donate here.
  6. I can’t hear the word ‘Aaliyah’ without almost shedding a tear. Not only about the late artist’s tragic passing, but also because I still can’t believe I lost the audio files from our interview, which we did just a month before she died. I cannot believe it’s been two decades since Baby Girl left us.
  7. I have a slight obsession with the 1920s/1930s. Considering it was a century ago now is amazing. I love the architecture, the Great Gatsby-esque vibes, the Harlem Renaissance, all of it.
  8. Thoughts with Afghanistan, today and always.
  9. Hmm, remember what I said in Bullet Point 2? Apparently, immunologists fear the worst as a strain of COVID deadlier than the current Delta variant is potentially looming around the corner. Lawd, have mercy.
  10. A reminder for this week: It’s okay not to be okay. We’re all in this together. So here are some practical ways to fight through the trauma of lockdown and beyond.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you think there are ways to make this bulletin pop more—I’m all ears!

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~Simone xo

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